Shop policies

By purchasing from our Shopify website, you are agreeing to our shop policies and terms and conditions. You understand the processing time of 2-3 weeks, which is listed in the checkbox at checkout. You understand that all orders are filled in the order that they are received and that this website is 'made to order. You understand that we will not be cancelling or refunding orders due to buyers remorse or non agreement to processing time. You understand that we will not be replacing any lost packages that are/were stuck in transit or marked delivered by USPS. You understand that any forced return packages or chargebacks filed against your order will result in a permanent ban on purchasing from our shop.

Please let us know right away if something is not right with your order by using the 'contact' page or emailing us at We will do our best to fix the situation, but we do not offer refunds or order cancellations. Once an order has been placed, we cannot go back and enter discount codes if it was forgotten. Once your order has been placed, we cannot change the address. This is unfortunately due to multiple scams related to credit card fraud. Please make sure your address is correct before placing your order. We do realize that USPS can be kind of frustrating at times and we apologize for that. Unfortunately, it became very costly for us to replace orders that USPS lost in transit, especially during the current global pandemic. Once we drop off an order at the post office and it's been scanned in by them, actively moving or says 'delivered' it's out of our hands and has become a fault of USPS. Please contact USPS with your tracking number and file a claim with them. Lost packages in transit will no longer be replaced by us. 

International Orders PLEASE READ:

* Due to the complications of Brexit, we will not be shipping to the UK at this time. We do have some items available on our RTS Etsy shop, and will continue to ship to the UK through there.  All other international orders will be shipped 'first class international-package' at this time and no longer sent as a 'flat.'  We can no longer be responsible for resending international packages that are shipped and lost in transit. We understand that there is a price increase for custom charges in a lot of countries. All of our customs forms are filled out automatically within 'legal' guidelines, through We are not able to alter them in any way without it being a federal offense for us. Please research customs charges for your country and take this into consideration BEFORE placing your order. We will not be cancelling orders or refunding if packages are already sent. If you choose not accept your package because of not wanting to pay customs charges, this is considered a 'forced return' and is against Shopify's main policy and ours. Unfortunately they do not get returned to us and our business takes a loss. Anyone who chooses to do this will be banned from ordering from our shop in the future.